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Create a new tissue (Birth date: 11/27/1987)

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  1. Product presentation
    1. Function
    2. Problem and opportunity solved
    3. Product range
    4. Products characteristics
    5. Name of the product
  2. Reaching ''be shrewd!'' Audience
  3. Delivering the message
  4. Regulatory issues
  5. Final campain

Paper tissue has become a very common and ordinary product, and its use is very frequent. Moreover, a lot of different tissues have already been released, such as recyclable tissues, tissues with different smells etc. Now tissues are even used in ads, with companies offering designed packs to their customers. Today, the most important difference that can be seen in these products is in the difference of quality or the difference of perfumes, so it seems difficult to innovate a lot or implement new properties to this type of a product. Nevertheless, for all the consumers, properties of the tissues is not the main element that has an influence on the consumers' buying decision. In fact, lower price is often the element as the most considered during purchase. So our main goal is to satisfy our customers, with selling tissues at a low price, with offering at the same time the best quality. But, considering the market and the classic rules of profitability, it seems to be very difficult to implement a lowest-price highest-quality tissue without loosing money. That's why the strategy is to find partners or sponsors who would like to put their logo on the package.

[...] To be competitive and to achieve the goal of being the cheapest on the market or at least at the price of the distributors' brand, price must be fixed considering the competition. With the new concept of tissue's production, our price strategy is a penetration strategy. In fact, the low costs of productions of the tissues alow us to launch the product at a very low price but also at a high volume. Moreover, this strategy can exist because there is no market on the tissue's market, which means that there is no segment on this market where the buyers are prone to pay a high price for a paper tissue. [...]

[...] Problem and opportunity solved The main problem solved with this new sort of tissue is that it is very difficult to innovate on the tissue's market as it's a common product used by almost everybody. There is not very innovation possible, or if there are some, productions costs would be so high that the tissues would not be sold, because price can't be high for this kind of product. The main opportunity solved is that there is a solution to produce high quality tissues with a low price which could be a combination of all the aspects researched for this kind of products Product range The product would be proposed in 2 sizes: - Classical format: a pack of 10 tissues 210x210 millimeters - Box of hundreds tissues 210x210 millimeters As those tissues are in the launching phase, the choice of offering a small product range is strategic. [...]

[...] ADDENDUM COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Birthdate: 11/27/1987 Product: A new tissue Competitive Analysis Name of the product: Kleenex Parent Company: Kimberly Clark Key features: - Kleenex is the first and the older brand of paper handkerchief on the market in 1930 - The brand is now referenced in the dictionary as a common word: everybody use the word Kleenex to talk about any handkerchief - The product is well known and very useful - There can be a problem with sustainable development because tissues are made with trees Age of the target audience: Any age, even if old people keep using real handkerchiefs Slogans of the product: it Out.? ?Thank goodness for Kleenex tissue.? ?Kleenex Says Bless You.? carry a cold in your pocket? Where is the product advertized: Mainly on TV, women magazines, and Point of Purchase Advertizing. [...]

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