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Creating a marketing communication campaign for the entertainment industry

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Market introduction.
  3. Target customers.
  4. Communication message.
  5. Communication objectives.
  6. Communication strategy.
  7. Time of operations.
  8. Operational costs.
  9. Controls.
  10. Bibliography.

Sensation white is one of the world best dance event. For each party, around 40,000 people buy tickets and dance for 7 hours, listening to 10 famous DJs. The first party was held in 1999, and for the New Year 2008 celebration, they create a special party in Düsseldorf with a special program. According to NightLife there are around 52 clubs and 28 night bars in Düsseldorf, and the official website of Düsseldorf states that about 585,000 people live in Düsseldorf city, and people between 18 and 45y.o. are 235 000, so 45% of the population could be interested in this event. The county where Düsseldorf is located contains 5 to 6 millions people. The annual turnover of Big events in Germany is 500 millions euros.Each event has the same targeting but every event has a special type of music, which interest a different type of customers (in musical taste). Promoters target same type of people (Young, music fans, easy to move, affordable) but they target people through their musical taste. People who like Hardstyle will take part in the Qlimax event, etc?

[...] The benefits for them would be to take part to a big event, including best light and pyrotechnic show ever seen in a party and celebrate with dignity the New Year Evening. Communication Message Sensation White customer (Global Customer) - Remind the power of Sensation Event - Inform customers about invited DJs - Inform about the price and special packages (VIP ) - Inform customers about special effects - Inform about the Dress Code Sensation White non customer (Local Customer) - Inform customer about Sensation white concept - Inform about event program and location - Inform about the special compulsory dress code - Inform about the price Communication Objectives - Sell 40,000 tickets in 3 months - Inform non customer about Sensation White concept The main objective of this campaign is to sell all tickets of this event. [...]

[...] In the beginning Sensation targeted people positioning though music advantages, they invited lot of very good DJs and the Sensation white event was assimilated as a live concert. Now the Sensation white event is more like a or ?rave party?, which invite some star DJs and realize a great show with dancers, fireworks and lights. First consumers of Sensation White became less and less interested in this event, because of music choice; the music became more and more commercial. We can understand the promoter who wants to sell lot of tickets by positioning to a mass market. [...]

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