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Creating a new marketing service

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Concept design.
    1. Introducing the concept.
    2. Functions of the service.
    3. Points of difference.
    4. How does the service work?
  3. Services marketing models.
    1. Shostack's model.
    2. Blueprinting.
    3. Marketing implications.
  4. Market segmentation, targeting and positioning.
    1. Segmentation.
    2. Targeting.
    3. Positioning.
  5. Service strategy.
    1. Product.
    2. Price.
    3. Place.
    4. Promotion.
    5. Processes.
    6. Physical evidence.
    7. People.
  6. References.

With 7.2 millions of people, including 306,000 graduate student and 47% of people between 16 and 44 years old, London is the biggest city in UK. There are 3,900 pubs and 233 clubs which shows an important nightlife in London (Visit London). In London there are some of the best clubs in Europe (and world) like Fabric, Ministry of Sound or Cargo which are very famous, and attract people from all over Europe. For a long time, in big cities, where the clubbing community is important, there exist specific website where you can check venues pictures. Photographs and reporters are sent in clubs to make pictures of the venue. The day after people can see their picture in these free websites. They can also discuss about venues, music and others in forum or chat-rooms with people with the same age. These websites have a continuous growth thanks to the development of internet providers and speed of connections.

[...] III.3 Marketing implications Intangibility By focusing on service quality we make the website less intangible. To explain more to the final user what the website provide, we need to add pictures and videos clips on the landing page. To prove the quality of videos and website we target to win website and graphic awards and the website would show awards on landing page. Public relation is very important to make young magazines speaking about this new service. At its launch we need massive media coverage on lot of newspapers to explain the way that this service is working. [...]

[...] Some hours after the video is shown and accessible on the website III Services marketing models III.1 Shostack`s model Using the Shostack's model, we see that all parts of the service are intangible except the cameraman and broadcast server, it shows that only grounds of the service are tangible. Because of the full intangibility of the service we need to focus on the service quality, by for example putting beautiful pictures and videos on the landing page, and try to get awards for the quality. [...]

[...] V.6 People In the services people wouldn`t not meet management staff, so their attitude have not a big impact on the service quality. But people who answer to phone and emails have to be friendly and helpful. We need to consider the Marketing Triangle services to see the importance of link between employees, customers and organisation. has to involve everybody with the same promise. Final users would only see people in clubs and pubs who make movies. This staff has to wear fashion clothes and be extremely friendly with users. [...]

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