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Creating Market Value for the customer.

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  1. Introduction
  2. How to create market value for customers
    1. Dimensions of value delivery
    2. Tools for creating customers' value
  3. How to create market values for users
  4. Qualities of performance value
  5. Dimensions of social and emotional values
  6. How to create market values for payers
  7. Dimensions of credit and financing values
  8. How to create a value market for buyers
  9. A brief of service value created by the distribution system
  10. A process for determining customers' value
  11. An assessment of customers' final judgement
  12. Bibliography

We will first talk about Value delivery and its two dimensions. These dimensions are effectiveness and efficiency. There also exist tools for creating customer values. The user is primarily concerned that the product or service performs as desired and that its use delivers social & emotional benefits. There are also social ad emotional values that need to be taken into account here. Values like prestige pricing, limited availability, social-image-based marketing communications, etc.

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