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Critically discuss the relation between emotional intelligence and employee performance

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  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review
  3. Barriers to attitude and behavior change
  4. Target market
  5. Proposed Social Marketing Campaign
  6. Conclusion

Nowadays, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is given due attention at our workplace in almost each organization. As one concept in the theory of organizational behavior, EI is proven by researchers associated with individual's career development in a way that it can influence employees' job satisfaction, work performance, conflict management and stress mitigation skills, and so on. Emotional intelligence, more often that not, can be enhanced if with proper methods as one grows maturely. As much as companies realize the significance of managing and boosting employees' emotional intelligence, there are still some prior research findings that need to be critiqued to make sure that both organizations and employees can benefit from well-developed emotional intelligence.

Therefore, the purpose of the essay is to critically discuss the relationship between EI and employee's performance and tentatively assess the existing research limitations from the standpoint of organizational behavior management. First, I will define some key concepts related to emotional intelligence. Next, a critical literature review and in-depth analysis will be conducted to challenge the validity and limitations of the research findings based on empirical journal articles. Lastly, I will evaluate and recommend future directions based on my thinking of the literature. All of the secondary data are quoted from websites, academic journals, scholarly books and industry research papers.

[...] Similarly, Mustafa & Amjad (2011) in a study of teachers in Pakistan on the correlation between emotional intelligence and job performance pointed out that ?people who manage themselves on their own and who are meticulous have a propensity to be more productive at school.? Under the framework of work outcome and work attitudes, the authors measured the impacts and relationship of emotional intelligence on variables such as job performance, withdrawal intentions, job involvement, career commitment, organizational commitment and job satisfaction. [...]

[...] "The Power Of Emotional Intelligence :Having a high IQ isn't enough to be a star performer." On Wall Street, February (accessed April 2011). Khurram Shahzad, Muhammad Sarmad, Muhammad Abbas and Muhammad Amanullah Khan, ?Impact of Emotional Intelligence on employee's performance in telecom sector of Pakistan.? August African Journal of Business Management Vol.5 pp. 1225-1231, (accessed April 2011). Mustafa, L., and S. Amjad. "Emotional Intelligence Determining Work Attitudes and Outcomes of University Teachers: Evidence from Pakistan." Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research In Business no (February 2011): 240-259. (accessed March 30, 2011). Peter [...]

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