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Culture and advertising

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  1. Part I Cultures & perception
    1. Some examples according to several cultures
    2. Case study
  2. Part 2 : Limits & difficultees
    1. Concrete limits
    2. Legal limits
    3. Ethical limits
    4. Financial limits

Let us begin by examining the classic ?chicken and egg' question:
Do cultural values affect advertising or to reverse the idea, does advertising affect cultural values? The borders and the horizons are opening and getting wider with globalization which is not a recent phenomenon. Some companies have the possibility to export their production and their services all over the world in order to target a specific group of people (outsourcing). These firms have adopted and developed a new challenge about the definition of the global target and a coherence of the image for the marketing and communication department. Actually, the strategy adopted by companies is dependent on their industry branch. Further, it is a well accepted fact that firms always want to define a communication way (topic and vectors) according to the context. It is observed that those firms operate in the B to B and also in the B to C field. The advertising is the most visible part of the marketing mix strategy. The entire communication process has to be coherent and in accordance with the international strategy. The advertising scene at a global level is influenced by the American culture. The American culture believes that the advertising strategy so implemented should be a combination of all the technological developments and innovative tools. These developments and tools need to be instituted in communication which would make an individual relate to the advertisement in their daily lives. Also, the strategy needs to accommodate new advertisers, financial institutions, wholesale companies and organizations, charities and politicians. Advertising has become the spokesperson for the social, economical and political communication field. It participates in the globalization process. However, it is not easy to take into consideration the different cultures in order to create the right advertising campaign for the targeted audience. In order to accomplish this, advertisers have to follow myriads of rules and understand all the associated subtleties.

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