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Dell Inc. Notebooks

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  1. Terms of reference
  2. Procedure
  3. Facts and findings
    1. Dell inc.
    2. Organisational strategy
    3. Marketing strategy
    4. The product
    5. Pricing
    6. Marketing channels
    7. Promotional mix

The following report is presented for Marketing 201 and has been compiled by Hanh Bui. The aim of this document is to identify the organizational and marketing strategy of Dell. We will also discuss the issues relating to the product, price and promotional mix of their notebooks and the relevant marketing channels. Furthermore, recommendations have been made based on the undertaken research and analysis. In order to gain information for this report, secondary research methods were used that includes the internet, books, newspapers and databases. Michael Dell founded the company Dell in 1984. He discontinued his studies at the University of Austin at the age of 19 in order to devote himself completely to his company. In 1987 the company was renamed Dell Computer Corporation and in 1992 the company had the privilege of being one of first 500 companies in the United States according to Fortune magazine. Dell operates principally in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and in the Asia Pacific region and Japan as well. (Dell Inc., 2006) This report will focus on their notebooks which are a very important part of Dell's business. Their notebook computers accounted for 28.6% of their revenues in 2005. (Dell Inc. Major Products and Services, 2006)

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