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The design and development of Michelin

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  1. Introducing technology developed by Michelin Active Wheel
  2. Presentation of prototype Michelin
  3. The Fuel Cell (PAC) and hydrogen
  4. Presentation of the HY-2 light and demonstration

Michelin has reinvented the wheel with Active Wheel technology. The new wheel features a series of devices which reduces consumption while increasing comfort and handling. The weight of 7 kg and technology is that of the wheel is 32 kg, which is below the recommended maximum weight of 35 kg. The electric suspension system provides maximum comfort and an unsurpassed ride. All movements are corrected during steering thanks to the very rapid reaction of the suspension system power (of the order of a millisecond).

An electric traction motor provides a power of 25 kW and up to 60 kW for 11 seconds. The motor can be powered by a battery or a fuel cell. In addition, all components such as gearbox, drive shaft, shock absorber, clutch, exhaust, etc which are necessary in a car engine become useless. Thus, it is the passenger car that can be reinvented through the Active Wheel technology that gives space savings while reducing vehicle weight.

Tags - Michelin, the new wheel technology

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