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E-marketing plan for IMPRINT (printing company)

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  1. Executive summary.
  2. Situation analysis.
    1. Internal analysis.
    2. External analysis.
    3. SWOT analysis.
    4. Keys to success.
  3. Objectives.
    1. Financial (Tangible objectives).
    2. Intangible objectives.
    3. Positioning strategy.
  4. Mission marketing.
  5. Tactics.
    1. Level of commitment to e-business.
    2. Internet Value Proposition (IVP).
    3. Web site creation.
    4. Establishment of online CRM.
    5. Traffic building.
    6. Optimisation of the marketing mix.
  6. Evaluation and control plan.
  7. Conclusion.
  8. References.

This E-Marketing Plan is designed to enable IMPRINT to improve its selling performances and to be more competitive in the lithography sector.
To explain the proposal concerning an electronic strategy, I added a complete analysis of the company and its external environment as well as a summary of the targeted market of Imprint in order to be in correlation with the objectives of the company. Imprint is a printing company located in Preston. Settled on Fylde road for over 16 years, the firm employs 35 people and offers low volume of printing for small businesses. Besides this, Imprint's staff work in a charity enterprise called ?Brothers of Charity?. This charity organization takes care of disabled people. But the two organizations are not directly linked in the way that Imprint's customers are not meant to be aware of Brothers of Charity.

[...] generate any turnover, this E-Marketing Plan will be focused on Imprint. The company not having any website, we will focus our attention on how creating an Electronic Marketing Plan can increase the number of Imprint's customers as well as their loyalty. We hope this Marketing Plan will help Imprint in achieving its goals and that it will also be able to help the development of Brothers of Charity (even indirectly) Situation Analysis 1 Internal Analysis 1 General Company Information 1 Brief information Imprint is a company on a niche market of printing and lithography. [...]

[...] Imprint represents a small actor on this market and its main competitors in Preston are Quickcall and Minuteman SWOT Analysis The printing industry is getting more and more competitive but in fact it is also a difficult one for the many players. Only four companies manage to distinguish themselves in this market (most companies in this sector are small or medium-sized ones). Although the printing industry is critical for business, the market is quiet fickle. In this industry, successful companies can define themselves by their ability to help customers to identify and achieve their goals. [...]

[...] Imprint needs to plan for: - Outbound e-mail marketing (used as a direct marketing strategy and develops CRM. These e-mails are sent to customers and prospects by an organisation) - inbound e-mail marketing (the e-mails from customers are managed by an organisation) E-mails are also used to support CRM either to obtain, retain or extant customers. Imprint is known to have a good relationship with their customers and thus a high loyalty. The company should thus use e-mails to obtain new customers. [...]

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