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  1. Identification Of A New Product: E-Receipt
    1. Sources Of New Ideas
    2. Why Do You Believe These Are Good Sources?
    3. Why Do You Think This Product Would Be Successful
  2. Macro-Environmental Impact
    1. Demographic Forces
    2. Economic forces
    3. Natural Forces
    4. Technological Environment
    5. Political Forces
    6. Cultural Environment
  3. Secondary Data And Sales Potential
    1. Two Sources Of Secondary Data To Determine The Potential Size For The E-Receipt
    2. Sample Page Of The One Source That Is The Most Relevant
    3. Potential Sales
  4. Segmenting And Targetting
    1. 2 Potential Viable Target Markets For Our Product
    2. Which Target Would You Choose To Pursue
  5. Marketing Mix
    1. Promotion
    2. Place
    3. Price
    4. Product

According to Kotler, the term "new product? usually defines: - original products, product improvements, product modifications and New brands developed under the firm's own research. Also, the major sources of "new product ideas? are said to be customers, scientists, salesmen and managements. Due to the limited size of our team and the early stage of the business, we had only one source for new product ideas. New product ideas came out from our own personal and business experience and intuition. Indeed, we were able to define major wants and problems that were not being fulfilled nor resolved through the offer of products currently available on the market. Finally we selected the product that was susceptible to experience the strongest commercial success.

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