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Effective Advertising

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  1. Introduction
  2. Key factors of advertising effectiveness
    1. Models overview
    2. Advertising plan
  3. Differences between B-2-C and B-2-B advertising
  4. Actimel: Components of effective advertising
  5. Executive summary
  6. Bibliography

Despite rapid changes in the global environment and competitive landscape, advertising remains being perceived as the main marketing communication tool. Though it can be disputable, but not in terms of mass audience reach and therefore expensiveness (PICTON, David & BRODERICK, Amanda 2005, p.595).
The fact is that considerable part of company's promotional budgets is spent on advertising (Ibid.).
Hence, advertising can not be solely creative and original, what is more important it should successfully fulfill its functions and achieve objectives have been set irrelative of whether it was produced for consumer or business-to-business product (ROTFELD, Herbert 2002).
Through writing this report the author will try to:
? Highlight factors responsible for making an advertising effective;
? Indicate differences between consumer and B-2-B markets able to influence on the advertising effectiveness;
? Apply achieved theoretical results to examine The Danon Actimel advertising.
According to the specificity of exact work primary research methods have not been used and secondary data was considered to be sufficient to carry out analysis in an appropriate way.
To warranty information's provided objectivity and accordance with contemporary market's circumstances, periodicals and websites were utilized along with marketing textbooks.

[...] Though a number of models have been worked out, so as to lighten effective advertising strategy' creation (Op. cit, p.102). AIDA. Perhaps the most established of these models is AIDA. It is focused on the statement that individual is passing through precise stages in ascending order while perceiving advertising and therefore product: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (PICTON, David & BRODERICK, Amanda 2005, p.724). Despite wide application, such a hierarchical[2] vision of consumers' behaviour can not be always appropriate. Actually it can be implemented solely to high-involvement products, as while impulse purchasing consumers act oppositely AIDA (WELLS, William, MORIARTY, Sandra & BURNETT, John 2006, p.102). [...]

[...] In both prescribed models no attention is given to such advertising functions as making associations and persuading (WELLS, William, MORIARTY, Sandra & BURNETT, John 2006, p.103). Facets Model of Effective Advertising. All of them are presented in the Facets Model of Effective Advertising. It is stated that there are six advertising forces in terms of different consumers' responses created: o Perceive (perception) o Understand (cognition) o Feel (affective/emotion) o Connect (association) o Believe (persuasion) o Act (behaviour) All these forces are working integrative, obtaining proper customer response. [...]

[...] In terms of prescribed tendencies significance of advertising being truly effective are escalating (WELLS, William, MORIARTY, Sandra & BURNETT, John 2006, p.513). While creating advertising, companies can be guided by a number of models[12] aimed to clarify consumers' process of decision making. Although none of these models can be considered as universal it worth taking them into consideration. There are also some activities which should be executed by each company on their way to effective advertising. Speaking roughly they can be determined as working out an advertising plan. [...]

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