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Essay: "Today, markets have become so similar that it is possible to market identical products and services around the world using standardized marketing mixes." Discuss

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  1. Favoring factors of standardization
  2. Elements of Marketing Mix
  3. Factors limiting standardization
  4. Elements of marketing mix

The key word with regard to the growth of any company is: innovation. We live in a materialistic society where the consumers needs have grown and where the competition between companies is very hard, in the globalization context. Today, it has become common for a company to target foreign markets to fit their own needs. Different reasons explain the choices of the internationalization. The management may encourage the firm to think international in order to meet other cultures and get new ideas that may be of use at home. Internationalization can be engaged to look for synergies in terms of core competencies of the firm. Also, exploiting internal strengths may be another reason to internationalize the company. Market threats at home also push a company to go abroad, in order to divide the risks but also to not be dependant of a unique market or declining home market.

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