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Gender and consumption

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  1. Chronology of the relationship between man and consumption
  2. The role of consumption and marketing on the creation of men's identity
  3. The consequences of the emergence of man as consumer

The emergence of the man as a consumer is, now obvious. This phenomenon does not cease to grow since the post war period, and it is today demonstrated by the unbelievable number of new products which are launched in the market, especially targeting men. But consumption is not only a new activity in men's life; it is above all a new means of self expression. As men's self identity has evolved, their masculinity has also shown changes. Before starting the development, it is useful to define the notion of consumption. As Baudrillard. J (1988) said, the quantity of goods and the satisfaction of needs are not sufficient to define the concept of consumption. Individuals buy goods to satisfy a desire. This is not the only requirement. They also want to consume more and more, and they always feel dissatisfied. Actually, consumption is a "systematic act of manipulation of signs" (Baudrillard. J. 1988), meaning that what we consume is more dependent on the meaning of the object in society and the personalization we give to it, rather than the object itself.

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