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Increased market awareness to promote a new business plan – Steelroads Inc

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  1. Marketing plan and objectives.
  2. Competitive analysis.
  3. Environmental influences.
  4. Market segment.
  5. Target market.
  6. Market position.
  7. Customer behavior analysis.
    1. Communication process.
  8. Marketing communications strategy.
  9. Integrate and implement marketing strategies.
  10. Monitor, evaluate and control marketing program.
  11. Summation.

The overall marketing plan of Steelroads is to create market awareness and show that we are the ?one stop shop? for various freight-shipping needs. We intend to do this by direct marketing, promotional events, telemarketing and word of mouth advertising. Steelroads has been on line for a few months but has yet to receive a large influx of customers as well as very few trial orders. They have started creating brochures, calendars and bookmarks but have not devised a strategy to promote them selves. We as a group are trying to implement a plan that will use a strategy similar to the dynamic branding strategy we learned about in class. Steelroads is a freight carrier and that will be our inner circle or inner position. Where we are leading Steelroads is to be the one stop freight carrier resource of the future. We will be the virtual ?e-train? for freight shippers. This is the first time any of the large freight carriers has put together a service that allows customers to make their full transportation arrangements on line with multiple companies and then to be able to track their shipment as it goes out. Steelroads also intends to incorporate airfreight as well as freight by ship. If we can get the word out about our web site and our services, things should roll forward with lots of new business.

[...] At this time, we do not plan to air television or radio ads we prefer a personal approach to selling our service and believe that sending information about our services directly to potential customers is the best way to attract business. The ads in the trade magazines will also target those businesses that may have an interest in shipping their products by rail. SteelRoads will also present its services at local trade shows, where our representatives can interact directly with business owners and answer any questions they may have regarding shipping by rail with the aid of our company. [...]

[...] Market Segment Steelroads is segmented to companies who utilized the transportation industry to transport freight to various regions of the US, Canada, and Mexico. These companies use these various means of transportation to transport their goods. Such modes of transportation are trucks, trains, and ships. These companies are categorized as freight shippers and comprise of the automobile, agricultural, steel, oil, and corporations (big businesses) that use the transportation industry to ship its goods. This segmentation is vital in order reach the proper market for Steelroads usage and success. [...]

[...] Steelroads will allow freight shippers to go online and request equipment, route information and tracking ability, which will give the rail industry a new edge on shipping. The geographic approach is essential because Steelroads is only available to freight shippers in the North American rail system. This limits the usage of Steelroads by international businesses and shippers. Target Market Steelroads targets freight shippers in the US, Mexico, and Canada that use the rail system for shipping its goods. These freight shippers have goods in retail, lumber, chemical, food, and farm products that need to be shipped to customers or stores for use. [...]

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