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Indian electricity, potential market research, doing business in the Indian Subcontinent

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  1. Doing business in the Indian Subcontinent.
  2. Relevant countries for staring business in Indian Subcontinent.
  3. Establishment plan strategy for entering the market.
  4. Marketing plan strategy for doing business.
  5. Plan strategy evaluation for cost & planning evaluation.
  6. Bibliography.

The following presentation is a first stage proposal in order to establish the firm in the subcontinent. This first stage is a pilot project developed in three years and aims to enter the Indian market. Depending on the results following steps would be figured out in order to plan further developments in this area. Objective of this first step in the Indian subcontinent: optimization = to limit the costs and maximize the efficiency. One permanent establishment = liaison office which will represent the firm, be in closed link with Douai and coordinate the actions in the Indian area. There would be four permanent people in order to ensure the coordination in the area. Liaison office in Bombay: the town is the economic center of India, is closely linked with Europe and is very central and has a big potential market (tourists, firms, inhabitants).

[...] He can then pay the duty on each installment of goods that he withdraws from time to time. To save themselves from the botheration of going through all the above mentioned formalities, the importers may entrust the hob to clearing and forwarding agents. In such a case, these agents will take it upon themselves to deliver the goods at the exporter's warehouse. Clearing agents charge commission for their services. ( Registration of the property right/license Marketing plan strategy - for doing business 1. [...]

[...] The liaison office will be in close relationship with France and will be composed from French representatives, some specialists to train the Agents and the local Engineers Agents in Bombay to cover the west part of India, in New Delhi to cover the North part, in Calcutta to cover the east part, Bangalore to cover the South part. ( SRI LANKA: an Agent in Colombo in order to cover the South-West country ( MALDIVES: an Agent in Malé 2. Practical establishment plan - the partners ( How to find our partners? [...]

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