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International marketing: the case of Golf Groups Direct

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  1. International marketing issue
    1. Definition and environment of international marketing
    2. Motivations for internationalization
    3. Standardization or adaptation
    4. Market concentration and market diversification
    5. Market entry methods
  2. Cultural differences related to golf tour operator product between UK and Germany
    1. Population playing golf
    2. Golf travellers differences
  3. German customers' characteristics
    1. Baby-Boomers
    2. Households
    3. Working Conditions
    4. Buying characteristics
    5. Travel and tourism

This article proposes an understanding of issues related to international marketing. From this understanding, it is analyzed the case of Golf Groups Direct, an online golf tour operator company. This firm, originally working in the UK market, wants to introduce the German market. It thus provides an in-depth analysis of the cultural differences between UK and Germany with respect to this special product. Subsequently more studies are carried out in order to collect more information about the characteristics of German customers. Through these two studies some crucial differences emerge, which must be taken into account by Golf Groups Direct for successful internationalization. Keeping this in mind, the report will bring out the marketing mix adjustment as part of its recommendation. The important point of the mode of entry is questioned and it is observed by the example of the Golf Groups Direct specificity, that the best entry mode is the export.

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