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Longevity Healthcare Systems: Hunting for a marketing strategy

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  1. SWOT Analysis
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
    3. Opportunities
    4. Threats
  2. Problem Statement
  3. Alternatives' marketing concepts and strategies
    1. Criteria
  4. Analysis: Pros and Cons
    1. Recommendation
    2. Implementation

history that dates back to the mid ?70s. Kathryn Hamilton and her husband have established a respectable company that originated from the need for long-term healthcare for their ailing parents. In essence, they have a good understanding for what families of long-term healthcare patients are looking for. They have used their personal experience to their advantage to capture a market opportunity. This strength helps Longevity by giving the company an image of quality care and not just a profit-seeking organization.
Another obvious strength is their existing operations in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have seen a lot of growth and have maintained successful financial performance along the way. Longevity's successful operations have given them a basis for future growth and the know-how of understanding the long-term healthcare market.

In addition, a major strength for Longevity is their wide range of products and services offered. In addition to nursing care, Longevity offers rehabilitation services, subacute care, and owns its own pharmacy in the Grand Rapids area. Patients are categorized by their needs and can customize services to fit these needs. This is a crucial strength because it adds personalization to the services, which ultimately effects customer satisfaction.

[...] In addition, the long-term healthcare industry is going through restructuring. Healthcare reform is expected to extend the use of Medicare for at home care. This would pose a major threat to Longevity, because most people would rather be cared for at home than relocate to a hospital- like facility. Healthcare reform is also expected to increase regulation of facilities, which means stricter laws and ways of doing business. Longevity will definitely be affected by healthcare reform, especially if they are not flexible enough to make necessary changes. [...]

[...] In general, people are getting older, life expectancies are getting longer, and customers want to pay less for long- term care. Currently, long-term healthcare has an annual growth rate of nine percent, which is expected to sustain over time. To Longevity, this means plenty of business and the opportunity to expand its services to different areas of the industry and different geographic locations. Another opportunity for Longevity is the growing need for treatment of Alzheimer's disease. The disease is becoming more common and the development for a cure is slowly progressing. [...]

[...] ?Longevity Healthcare Systems, Inc., strives to provide a variety of services at lower prices.? For this mission, Longevity would need to pursue a strategy of vertical integration. The company has stepped in this direction in the past with the acquisition of their pharmacy. Vertical integration looks to improve the operations of a company by extending operations both forward and backward in the supply chain. Such a strategy would include such activities as getting involved further with medical supply distribution or attempting to acquire another pharmacy or even a pharmaceutical company. [...]

[...] The second alternative was implementing total quality management in the company's existing facilities. This marketing strategy would be one based on competing on quality. This alternative would focus on the core competency of the company and require less initial capital then the diversification alternative. By focusing on local operation, both nursing and subacute care, Longevity could establish themselves as the premiere provider in their market. This alternative has risks that need to be looked at. The main problem with this alternative is the high opportunity costs associated with failing to utilize expansion opportunities in this growing market. [...]

[...] ?Longevity Healtcare Systems, Inc., is the best at providing superior quality in long-term healthcare.? This mission would allow for Longevity to compete based on the quality of its services and would require the continuous improvement of current operations. This option is based on exploiting the strengths of the company in its current facilities. Longevity would become focused on total quality management. ?Longevity Healthcare Systems, Inc., holds the expertise in care. We know our patients needs.? This alternative is the specialization of operations. [...]

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