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Marketing analysis of Natura Brasil

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  1. Natura Brasil: identity, commitments
    1. Historical
    2. Know-how
    3. Philosophy and Values
  2. The image of Brazil in France
  3. A consistent import

Natura Brasil, which was established in Brazil in 1969, is now one of the leading cosmetics brands due to its social and environmental commitment. By designing products in close collaboration with traditional communities, Natura wants to enhance the skills, contribute to the development and protect the rich biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest. This Brazilian company is a leader in the market for cosmetics, and hygiene and perfumery. It established itself in Europe for the first time in April 2005. Coinciding with the Year of Brazil in France, the group opened its first cosmetics store on Paris' 6th arrondissement.

The main range of Natura which was launched on the French market, was the "Ekos" line, which was compiled from the best research on the species found in the Brazilian forests (wood, spices, flowers, fruits), against a backdrop of sustainable development and respect of the environment. Natura must translate the Brazilian culture that marks its identity, import origins, values and world while adapting to a European communication, which retains the cultural references specific to French society.

To understand the different stages of the adaptation of the communication strategy of Brazil in France, we begin by defining the brand identity and commitments. In the second part we will try to define the image of Brazil in France, and finally, in the last part, we will see how the two worlds meet through the brand and justify the import of Natura France.

The concept of cosmetic treatment of Natura Brasil was born in 1969, in a laboratory and a small shop in São Paulo. In 1974, direct sales were initiated through advisers, and the company began its move towards growth, and strengthened the position of the brand with an army of 450,000 sellers known as "consultants" in the jargon of the company. Covering the vast territory of Brazil, which is fifteen times as large as France, they were responsible for the largest share of sales of the company, amounting to about 500 million Euros in 2004.

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[...] Natura Brasil today produces over 150 million units per day, which are distributed in Brazil and abroad. In 2004 its turnover was 893 million Euros, against the turnover of 679 million Euros achiever by its main competitor, O Boticario. It is important to note that the leadership of the brand is real in Brazil, in a context where groups such as LVMH and L'Oreal have made a place. Know-how It is through a significant investment in research and continuous development, and the launch of products and expansion of activity, tht the brand has been successful. [...]

[...] The strategic approach to communication by Natura Brasil 2005 including the "brand launch / marketing of the Ekos line / open shops" is based on the anticipation of changes in certain sociological behavior (strategy of the "midstream"). Indeed, it involves moving with current trends and introducing a new concept before the competition. Thus, Natura Brasil took advantage of the growing market for well-being products for part of the trend, but beyond that, the brand has been innovating and proposing a new offer including the care of the body with water. [...]

[...] In 1989 the companies involved in Natura Brasil merged and gave birth to the current shareholder of the company. The company stated its beliefs and motives at this juncture, and then realized its social commitment. In 1994 the brand was launched in the international market, and entered the markets of Argentina, Chile and Peru. In the year 2000, the Natura Ekos line was launched, and was a major source of transaction based on the sustainable use of biodiversity in Brazil. [...]

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