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Marketing plan: Fresh juice

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  1. Description of the idea - fresh juice.
  2. Mission Statement.
  3. Purpose of the product.
  4. Unique features.
  5. Environmental analysis.
    1. SWOT-analysis.
    2. STEP-analysis.
    3. STP-analysis.
    4. Porter five forces.
  6. Pricing profile.
  7. Advertising and promotion.
  8. Packaging.
  9. References.

As a young health-oriented student I decided to launch the idea to bring health products to people instead of the other way around because these days everyone is concerned with being healthy and slim (clearly evidenced in the number of people sporting; the numbers of light-products,?). At the same time, this should be attainable with the least effort possible. Fresh fruit juice is one of those products that takes fairly long to prepare in small doses and therefore is skipped very often. This is where Fruitness comes into the picture. Fruitness provides the possibility to easily consume your daily dose of fresh fruit juice at work, at school, ? Fruitness offers a small assortment of orange-based fruit juices to match everyone's taste and it makes for the perfect refreshment during a break from working. The exclusivity of our business model lies in the concept of delivering fresh juices directly to companies.

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[...] If Fruitness is able to establish a name for good quality, good delivery and fresh products, it will become much more difficult for newcomers to actually disturb the market, since along with the growth, Fruitness will be able to maybe establish strategic partnerships with other companies or improve its own distribution channels. Fruitness will already be further down the experience curve. On the other hand, since fruit juices are not a new product, we should not expect newcomers to crowd the market. [...]

[...] Another alternative for the companies is to make the fresh juice themselves, but that would mean an investment in material and personnel on their behalf. Of course Fruitness can not charge exuberant prices, because then the alternatives will become cheaper. But as long as the price combined with the excellent service is still attractive, the bargaining power of the buyers is relatively low Competition Within the fresh fruit juice business there is a lot of competition. Our business model targeting the B2B customers is new in this segment, and this would allow us to grow bigger than the competition by growing to different locations . [...]

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