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Marketing to women

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Women and shopping: A complicated love story.
    1. Shopping as a duty.
    2. Shopping as a pleasure and an entertainment.
    3. The growing importance of women in the strategies of firms.
  3. Portrait of the shopping woman today.
    1. Women and money.
    2. The mother.
    3. The single woman.
    4. Girls and teenagers.
  4. Marketing to women: How is it different?
    1. Women insights: Is it easier to get to the women?
    2. Needs and aspirations.
    3. Women and advertising.
  5. Challenges and prospects.
    1. Seducing women without repelling men.
    2. Equality, difference and superiority.
    3. New trends.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Indicative bibliography.

A few weeks ago, the French brand Celio launched a very original concept aimed at women. Celio is a men apparel brand, but 50% of their customers are women who want to buy clothes as a present. In more and more Celio shops, women can find ?The Shoppenboys?. The Shoppenboys are men from 19 to 63 that stand in the shops wearing only underwear. Their sizes vary from S to XXL and they are here to help women to buy the right clothes for their husbands, partners, sons, etc. The principle is very simple: the customer chooses the Shoppenboy according to his size and he follows her in the shop and tries on all the clothes. As a result, the risk of buying the wrong size is limited and it is also quite entertaining for customers.This marketing operation illustrates the fact that women are more and more important for firms; the idea to create a marketing campaign aimed at women for a men apparel brand can seem a little strange, but like more and more firms, Celio has understood that women are ?the apple of marketers' eyes?, as it is said in an article from Business Week.

[...] Shopping as a pleasure and an entertainment Thanks to the cultural evolution and the feminist revolution, women became more independent and claimed that they deserved to have fun shopping too. Therefore, they spent more and more time in the stores, sometimes with their female friends, and shopping began to be a real entertainment. c. The growing importance of women in the strategies of firms Firms take more and more into account the female part of their customers. This is also true for sectors that are traditionally masculine. [...]

[...] The Procter&Gamble club ?Vocalpoint? is an example of a marketing operation which helps the brand to get to know women better. In general, women are more willing to participate to studies and they like to give their opinions, for instance in consumer groups or on internet websites. They are also more receptive to marketing operations such as mailing, direct marketing. According to a Cambridge study, women are more likely than men to respond positively to e-mail marketing messages. ?They say it is a good way to learn about new products and promotions? agreed) Another market study from a private firm from Baltimore shows that women prefer direct mail to e-mail ads. [...]

[...] A marketing report from Datamonitor gives the following information: Women are staying single longer than before: they have now a financial AND familial autonomy They are looking for a lifestyle that puts an emphasis on having fun: we can expect an increase of their consumption in the leisure and entertainment ; the same phenomenon is applying to women in their 50's who have finished raising their kids: they want to have fun as long as possible The amount spent by women in Europe and in the US is expected to reach $ 2,700 bn in 2007 1,900 in 2002) b. [...]

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