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One luxury for one country

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Selected countries to be compared in the project.
  3. Luxury brands around the world.
    1. World luxury brands in China.
    2. World luxury brands in France.
    3. World luxury brands in U.S.
    4. World luxury brands in Mexico.
  4. Variables that can change the perceptions of the luxury brands.
    1. Purchase behavior.
    2. Price.
    3. Customer service.
    4. Culture and values.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Sources.

Globalization is one of the most important changes that the countries have suffered in the last years. As a consequence of this, enterprises have being looking for a way to expand their market as well as a way to make bigger their brand in order to have more consumers, more sales and for sure more profitability. The perception of a brand may differ from customer to customer depending on their country. This is a hypothesis that might be applied to the luxury brands and will be confirmed or denied through the development of this presentation. Which are the main factors contributing to a change in the perception of the luxury brands? And which are the luxury leading brands in some countries?

[...] There is a big difference between the ?product value? hunted and searched from an American market point of view and the one looked for by the European luxury consumers. Consumers' Power ? No logo ? Yomango About Mexico, the Mexican market is of course more ?American style? driven than European one (Fick law). They will always buy a luxury good based on it's quality at first and then on in its added value or more focused on the branding. Variables : Purchase Behavior Mexican media class market will always search for quality. [...]

[...] They put as an example brands such as: FAW (Number one cars group), Haier (electric features for home) and Legend (computers brand). Upon completion ? Kinetics ? Interferences ? World luxury brands inside France The luxury brand sector in France including perfumes, liquors, beauty products and leather goods generates about $11 billions revenue ( year 2003). World luxury brands inside France The most important luxury group is LVMH. The following brands in the chart are managed by this group: World luxury brands inside France World luxury brands inside France The luxury market in this country is big and profitable due to the fact that a major part of the population are seniors, still having today a big purchasing power for luxury brands in Europe. [...]

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