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Parfum d'Orsay: A strategic marketing proposal

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Description of the luxury perfume market.
    1. Market size and market developments.
    2. Competition.
    3. Consumer segments and consumer buying behaviour.
    4. Distribution structure and trends in distribution current situation, swot analysis and objective definition.
    5. Current situation for D'Orsay: Promotion.
  3. Strengths, opportunities, opportunities and threats assessment.
    1. How to make the marketing of the brand more efficient without devaluating the image?
    2. Development a marketing strategy for the luxury perfume brand, D'Orsay paris.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. References.

The purpose of this report is to make an analysis of the luxury fragrance market and, after this said analysis, to propose some strategies to the D'Orsay rare fragrance company so that they might improve their financial and marketing performances. The use of the term 'luxury fragrance', or 'fragrance', is important, as perfume can not only be taken to relate only to women, whilst men could be said to wear cologne, but also, with relation to the D'Orsay group, to not include 'fragrances for the home' and 'eau de toilette'. . For the purposes of simplicity, therefore, ?perfume' shall be used to refer to the luxury fragrances used by men and women. This does not include eau de toilette and home fragrances, and ?fragrances' will be used to refer to all three luxury fragrance groups. In the first part of this report, it is possible to find an analysis of the fragrance industry in France. Key factors are taken into account, including the market size, in which sales increased by 6% in 2006, and developments, like the growth in the consumption of male perfumes by 5.9% that year.

[...] The brand seems to have a very well organised communication and marketing strategy. They do online sale, and provide promotion for their customers. Hermes One Luxury brand specialised in fashion. But since many years Hermes has started to commercialise its own perfumes, that we can considerate as rare and luxury perfume. As many Luxury and fashion brand (Chanel, Lancôme ) those brands are serious competitors of Parfums d'Orsay. Sephora Sephora is a distribution chain specialised in beauty accessories, perfume, cosmetics and care. [...]

[...] Based on a comparison of the information provided and from personal observation, it could be said that general perfume products, take for example the number 1 selling Chanel no 5 at for 100ml in Prentemps at Havre Caumartin in Paris against Femme de Dandy which only sells at for 100ml, are superior products. It is acknowledged that store rents and pricing policies have an effect on this, but it should not be ignored that this may be unknown to customers and influence their perceptions of the D'Orsay brand based on price comparisons. [...]

[...] Therefore, before proposing any strategies, a brief overview of D'Orsay's current situation will be presented based on the marketing mix elements, this shall then be assessed based on the environmental factors presented in Part 1 of this report, and finally used to establish a viable marketing objective. Current situation for D'Orsay, Product: The current positioning of the D'Orsay ranges is as exclusive and high quality, rare fragrances. The prestigious history of the brand could be said to classify it as a ?classical luxury product'. [...]

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