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The building of customer loyalty and retention strategies in sports marketing

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  1. Introduction.
    1. The profile of Chinese Professional Baseball League.
    2. The research objectives.
  2. Literature review.
    1. Customer loyalty and satisfaction.
    2. Identification and the team.
    3. Research design and participant recruitment.
    4. Data collection and analysis.
  3. Support factors.
    1. Social interaction.
    2. Quality of the game.
    3. Familiarity with team or playee.
  4. Fans' loyalty, behaviour and perception of the fan club.
  5. The perspective of manager.
  6. The conclusion of the research.
  7. Recommendations for the professional league marketers.
  8. Limitations and future research suggestions.
  9. References.
  10. Appendix.

The research in this dissertation focuses on the building of customer loyalty and retention strategies in sports marketing with the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) as an example. This research aims to provide the factors which influence customer loyalty from a sports customer perspective. Furthermore, the research also aims to provide sports managers with reference when they are forming their retention strategies. Sports marketing are important for the economy of countries, for example, the USA, the UK, Spain, Netherlands and Japan. The actual global sports market size was estimated $235 billion in 2005. Sports marketing are a huge area including building of fans and customers. There are huge numbers of fans in the sports market, but they are seldom understood by the researchers. Hence, it is necessary for the marketers to understand what fans need so that the sport customers are satisfied, resulting in their loyalty and commitment. But there are few studies on this objective; most of the studies are on fans' consumer behaviour, fans' consumption motivation and fan identification. However, the former researchers paid little attention to construct loyalty and maintain loyalty.

[...] An Experimental Study of Customer Effort, Expectation, and Satisfaction. Journal of Marketing Research pp. 244-250. Chinese Professional Baseball League official Website Available from [Assessed on 06/06/2007]. Cova, B. (1997). Community and Consumption-Towards a Definition of the ?Linking Value' of Product or Services. European Journal of Marketing pp. 297-316. Day, G. S. (1971). Attitude Change, Media and Word of Mouth. Journal of Advertising pp. 31-40. Engel, J.F., Blackwell R.D., and Miniard P.W. (1995). Consumer Behaviour, 8th ed., New York:The Dryden Press Fornell, C., (1992). [...]

[...] Therefore, it is undoubtedly true that the marketers should know the customers and form retention strategies to build customer loyalty for long- term business The profile of Chinese Professional Baseball League Since professional baseball was introduced to the public in Taiwan in 1989, the whole environment of baseball in Taiwan has changed. The status of baseball players was on the rise; they got well paid and became young people's idols. Additionally, baseball has more than ever blended into the life of Taiwanese people. [...]

[...] In addition, for the fan club management, the interviewees indicated that poor management and lack of identification are problems that cause the fans clubs to have difficulty in building customer loyalty efficiently. According to the manager's perspective, they focus on the member recruitment of fan clubs to gain profits. Furthermore, the home field system is the most effective method to build up identification between team and local people. For example, the Nippon Baseball League (Japan) and Major Baseball League (USA) adopted this system to manage the fan base and fan club and the result is successful. [...]

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