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The visual persuasion in print advertisements for Beauty

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  1. Can we speak about stereotypes in the way women are used in beauty products adverts?
    1. The cases of stereotypes in advertisements
    2. Is the term ''stereotype'' still appropriate in advertisements today?
  2. How powerful can be the visual persuasion in print advertisements for beauty products' market ?
  3. Analysis of the strategies to seduce women using women?
  4. Research methods
    1. Research approaches and piloting research tools
    2. Carrying out data collection
    3. Problems and limitations
  5. Data analysis
    1. Qualitative data
    2. Quantitative data
  6. Discussion

Advertising is a 100 billion pound (annually) industry and influences the social and cultural classes throughout their lives. People are exposed to 2000 ads a day, constituting perhaps one of the most powerful informational force in society. Currently, advertisements sell values, norms, images, concepts of success and worth, love and sexuality more than the products. In the beauty products' market, the aspect of advertising most in need of analysis and change is the portrayal of women. Many advertisers claim that beauty is something that comes from the body. Diverse advertisements use perfection, desirability and lovability to promote the products. These strategies can also lead to virulent critics: can you speak about stereotypes? What about the emancipation of women in today's societies? Who is the new feminine woman? What are the different strategies to seduce women? This use of the woman in advertisements can be very ambiguous and has to be analyzed. Women are a new marketing target. A relation between the advertisements using and targeting women has to be established, analyzed and understood.

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