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Thesis Proposal: The Utilization of Endorsers in Marketing and Advertisement, and Their Influence on Consumers

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  1. My Thesis Proposal : the Reason of a Choice
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Objectives
  4. Plan
  5. Academic references
  6. Sources
  7. Timetable
  8. Secondary researches

Companies are using endorsers to market, advertise and promote their products and services. These endorsers have a real and proved influence on the consumers and in adequation on their consumption habits. It is frequent to see celebrities on advertisement, for some big companies, which can afford the privilege to use such personalities. For example, Eva Longoria does a huge and total series of advertisements for L'Oreal. All these endorsers are used for influencing the consumer and increasing the sales, and changing or creating a brand image. On similar lines, the French leather company Longchamp used the model Kate Moss for the promotion of their new collection in order to internationalize the brand and the products, and for renovating the brand image.

[...] The choice of endorsers must be well planned, and the reputation of these people, and their ways of life have to be in total equilibrium with the brand image, the brand symbols and the messages the brand want to send to the public.The utilization of endorsers is not without risks and it is also an investment for the company. The use of endorsers is not only used in sales of products or services, it is also used in voluntarism, or for sending a political message. [...]

[...] Academic references I will probably use some academic references and theories such as the ?Source of Credibility Theory', the ?Source of Attractiveness Theory', Meaning Transfer Theory' developed by Grant McCracken, Impact of Corporate Credibility and Celebrity Credibility on Consumer Reaction to Advertisements and Brands' developed by Goldsmith, Lafferty and Newell in 2000. Sources I will also use some books as the ?Hidden Persuaders' written by Vance Packard, ?Persuasive Signs - The Semiotics of Advertising' by Ron Beasley and Marcel Danesi , advertising handbook' by Sean Brierley , ?Marketing communications' by John Egan, Ethics of advertising' by FP. [...]

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