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Volkswagen’s Touareg “Kong” advertising campaign study

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Situation.
    1. Strengths.
    2. Weaknesses.
    3. Opportunities.
    4. Threats.
  3. Objectives.
    1. Marketing objectives.
    2. Communication objectives.
  4. Strategy.
    1. Push or pull strategy?
    2. Target market.
    3. Message.
  5. Tactics.
  6. Action.
    1. Men.
    2. Money.
    3. Minutes.
  7. Control.
  8. References.

December 2005, one of the most anticipated films of the year has come to the cinemas all around the world. This film is King Kong, produced by Universal Studios. January 2005, Volkswagen, the largest car manufacturer in Europe, had made an alliance with Universal Studios. Thanks to this deal, the car manufacturer got placements in Universal films, TV shows and opportunities for joint marketing and merchandising. Therefore, the car company wanted to support the last Universal Studios film ?King Kong?. For this event, Volkswagen produced a special car, called Touareg ?Kong?. With this campaign Volkswagen was tying its first global advertising campaign for a remake of the King Kong film. For this campaign they created TV, print, online and billboard ads for the 2006 Touareg SUV.

[...] The campaign was also made of a Touareg stand at the International Auto Show in Frankfurt, in September 2005. This stand was designed in order to remember the real and urban jungle that illustrated the campaign. Volkswagen already used in-store displays and giveaways in order to make people come and visit their dealers all around Europe. When people come in a store for something, they always look at the other products that are offered to them and sometimes if they need it they buy it. [...]

[...] Golf in October 2003. The Golf is the company's best selling car accounting for 15% of its profits. Other new models, including Touareg, will also enhance the company's place in the marketplace . Innovative ideas such as flexible work schemes yielding results The company's innovativeness has helped in keeping its customers in growth oriented markets. Flexible concepts such as the four-day week and Time Asset have been significant competitive advantages in recent times. Weaknesses Product recall affecting credibility Volkswagen's strategy of sharing components across vehicles in order to reduce manufacturing costs creates the risk of defective components affecting the quality of many vehicles, leading to large product recalls. [...]

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