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Wi-Fi and Direct Marketing

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  1. What is Wi-Fi?
  2. Impact of Wi-Fi on the running of company
  3. Wi-Fi and retention of the customers

Technology is everywhere; we are surrounded by it. The strength is that everyone is concerned with it, at a personal or professional level. Wi-Fi is the last update of invention, and it is poised to change our perception of the internet. Wi-Fi, with its ability to connect users to the internet anywhere, is arguably changing the way we work and communicate. "But, say experts, this freedom to connect will not just make it possible for lots of new companies to get going. It could also have a profound effect on the way companies are run and what they have to do to ensure they keep their customers." This is what we are going to discuss in this document. Firstly, we will present this technology on a technical level, and then we will try to understand why Wi-Fi is changing the way we run companies. Finally we will throw an interested glance at how it impacts the retention process.

[...] Here Wi-Fi shows its power, and could be seen as a ?mobile desk?. So it is a true advantage, and a really good opportunity to enhance communication and relationship with the customer. It will allow the company to set up long terms contacts and keep customers loyal. This is not only about retaining customers, but maximizing the profitability. Bain and Co found that retention boosts the profitability, with non negligible manner, because of customer retention increase could conduct to 125% increase of the turnover. [...]

[...] To be more aware of this technique, just give a look to the photos below ( wait-marketing-le-wifi-marketing/ So, through all these examples and concepts, you can easily see why Wi-Fi is an important revolution for Direct Marketer into the retention process. ( etworks.php ) V. Conclusion Wi-Fi, a new technology on the road of internet and laptops . but more than an evolution, this is a real business behavior that's improving. Companies are tied to the technology and structure in function of it, in order to use as [...]

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