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Wilkinson sword intuition

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Wilkinson Sword Intuition: Legal and logistical constraints.
    1. Legal.
    2. Logistical.
  3. Competition.
    1. Direct and indirect competition.
  4. Consumer's profile.
    1. Consumer expectations.
    2. The answers of Wilkinson to these expectations.
    3. The consumer's purchase behaviour.
  5. Segmentation and targeting.
    1. General targeting.
    2. A more precise targeting.
  6. Mix Marketing of the Wilkinson Sword Intuition.
    1. Product, price, promotion and place.
  7. Positioning sheet.
  8. SWOT analysis.
  9. Conclusion.
  10. Bibliography.
  11. Appendices.

Every woman old enough to remove hair knows the Wilkinson Sword Intuition. It is a product which has been launched on the women shaver market because it is a market which is strongly expanding nowadays and represents potential profits for producers: it became as competitive as the masculine market. As its name tells us, the shaver has been created by the company Schick-Wilkinson, a subsidiary of Energizer, being more than 200 years old, proof of its efficiency and its expertise in swords since 1772. At the beginning, the company was specialized in weapons and bayonets, then in protocol swords for the Queen army. Along the history, the company adapted itself to follow the trends and needs of society. They began marketing men shavers and finally women shavers. Currently, the Wilkinson Intuition has a direct competitor, Venus, produced by the biggest company on the market Gillette (subsidiary of Procter & Gamble). Their constant battle in innovation offers each time a better product for consumers. But this point will be discussed later.

[...] To build the positioning sheet we will compare the Wilkinson Sword Intuition with its main direct competitors marketed on the European market: the best of the Gillette range called Venus and the best of the Bic range called Soleil. Indeed, they are the most innovating products of the blade range but the most expensive too. That is why we have chosen price and innovation as criteria to compare the Wilkinson Sword Intuition with its direct competitors. SWOT Analysis Strengths The product is an all-in-one shaver because women do not need to buy creams anymore to shave their legs and despite it, legs are soft after shaving. [...]

[...] Mix Marketing of the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Product policy This product has been developed around two mains principles: Easy to use and comfort. Wilkinson uses an innovative strategy for this shaver. In fact, it is the first shaver to propose some soap integrated into the product. Therefore consumers, who are in majority women, expect this product to be sweet and pleasant. To satisfy consumers' expectations, Wilkinson has created three products in this range. Sensitive: The soap is enhanced by Aloe Vera and by E vitamin, to respect sensitive skins it is without scent. [...]

[...] Shick-Wilkinson Gillette Bic blades) blades) blades) Quattro for women Soleil scent/soleil blades) Bold type: disposable shavers also known as one-piece shavers Underlined type: disposable and systems The Wilkinson Sword Intuition has a competitive advantage because it offers a skin conditioning solid, a soap which make your skin softer after shaving. However, the soap and blades must be changed at the same time (it is a package). The other shavers offer lubrifying bands, or aloe vera strips which do not really smooth the skin. [...]

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