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A study on market potential for office automation products

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analyzing market potential of a company
    1. Analysis of market potential
    2. Measuring customer satisfaction
    3. Four measures of market share
  3. A study on companies engaged office automation business
    1. Methodex systems limited
    2. Methodex infres limited
    3. Rechoh India limited
    4. Epson India limited
  4. Functional department of the organizations
  5. Data collection, research and analysis of firms using office automation product
    1. Findings from the research
  6. Conclusions and suggestions
  7. Questionnaire

We live in a world surrounded by digital technology, it has totally transformed the way we lead our lives. Today we go to digitally remastered surrounded sound, we watch movie at home on a digital video CD. And we listen to music on a digital technology. Technology has become such a part and parcel of our lives that it would difficult to envision a world without it.

Now it is a long time that we are using digital technology. Digital technology has also changed the way we conduct business. Today no office can afford to function without a computer, copier, printer and scanner etc. Gone are the days when typewriters used to adorn every office table. Today we find typewriters only in typing institutes. Gone are the days when only big companies could afford photocopiers, printers and projectors etc. Today office automation products like photocopiers, printers have become indispensable to every office.

Different types of financial institutions like banking, chit fund organizations and others who need to count money are using note-counting machines. Today's technology has changed almost all the activities, which were done manually earlier. Such a changing technological advancement and automation has made transactions simpler and faster. When activities manually done are automated it leads to a higher degree of specialization and a greater division of labor. Thus making the process of economic activity faster and also gives rise to a higher economic growth and thereby higher profits.

The World Wide Web (www) is opening up newer and faster avenues for conducting business. E-business and E-commerce are the order of the day. It is possible today for global companies to communicate to each other through teleconferencing. Transaction time and business is no-longer a barrier for conducting business. Never in the history of mankind office automation played such an important role in business activity.

[...] It's proven only life makes if a good value for money valuable. The product has been selling in market through methods of exchange ltd. The main feature of the products is. The world-renowned GND-200 desktop banknote counter bears glory's Quality for reliable and accurate counting. Its proven long life makes it good value for money machine. The GND-200 high performance banknote counter from glory has been developed by applying the expertise acquired through their long experience with vacuum feeding counters. [...]

[...] To find out current usage trends of different office automation products like photocopier, printers, scanner etc Scope Of the Study The market potential study of office automation products covers a range variables. This comprehensive study helps to analyzes the market for office automation products. It helps to understand the usage trends of existing office automation equipment and helps to find out wants and preferences of the buyers. Such a study forms the groundwork for future research. It will also help the organization to formulate the sales strategy based on the finding of the survey. [...]

[...] Researchers conducted a study on market potential of office automation in the organization. So in this study sample size is 175. Survey is conducted with the help of questionnaire in different organization. The organization are banking sector, small and big corporate offices in which a well define. DATA ANALYSIS Table 1 Table Showing the Users of Office Automation Product Using the Office Automation No of Respondents Percentage Product Source : Primary Data Total Respondents : 175 Analysis The above table shows that 85 of the respondents are using office automation product. [...]

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