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Barista Vs Coffee Day

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  1. The coffee cafe industry
    1. Evolution of a coffee cafe
    2. The coffee cafe industry
    3. Growth of cafe industry in India
  2. Case study on barista
    1. Corporate profile
    2. Marketing mix
    3. Human resources
  3. Case study on cafe coffee day
    1. Corporate profile
    2. Marketing mix
    3. Human resources
  4. Customer survey
    1. Survey methodology
    2. Characteristics of visit
    3. Comparative rating
  5. Conclusion
    1. Areas of excellence
    2. Areas needing improvement
    3. Recommendation and suggestions
  6. Annexure
  7. Bibliography

It all began around 1000 A.D. when Arab traders began to cultivate coffee beans in large plantations. They began to boil the beans creating a drink they called ?qahwa' which translates to ?that which prevents sleep'.

The Coffee Café industry is currently one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors in business. The industry consists of a mix of individual cafés, hotel cafés and retail café chains.

The main bulk of revenue is earned by small, individual cafés, run mostly by families and friends. It is a relatively unorganized sector. There are millions of such cafés around the world, and they provide customers with a homely, casual experience.

The bulk of these cafés are mainly in Europe, where every little town or village has local cafés, where people gather together for a conversation over coffee, or just to be alone with their thoughts.

These cafés have been the birthplace and sanctuary for various creative minds, revolutionaries and thinkers of our time. The most recent example is the author J.K. Rowling, who has written most of the Harry Potter series of books, sitting at her local café.

These cafés set themselves apart from retail chain cafés and hotel cafés because they provide customers with a homely, classic appeal, which cannot be emulated.

The vast popularity of these retail chains is shown in the rapid international growth of brands like Starbucks. Customers can do to any Starbucks across the world and know exactly what to expect.

[...] Q7) Please rate the following, according to your personal choice, for both Barista and Café Coffee Day: Questions Barista Café Coffee Day Taste and Quality of products: (1=Bad and Excellent) Coffee Prices: (1=Cheap and 5=Expensive) Coffee Questions Barista Café Coffee Day Delivery of products: *(1=very slow and quick) **(1=inconvenient and 5=very convenient) Order Time* Staff: (1=Bad and 5=Excellent) Behavior Questions Barista Café Coffee Day Ambience: (1=Bad and Excellent) Furniture & Décor Availability: (How often are the following products available) (1=Rarely and 5=Always) The coffee of your choice Your Comments: Questions Barista Café Coffee Day Value for money: (1=Bad and Excellent) Coffee Overall Service: (1=Bad and 5=Excellent) Products Which Coffee Shop do you prefer? [...]

[...] this indicates that although Café Coffee Day got better ratings of Taste & Quality, Barista managed a better overall rating. One common comment made by most of the sample was that Barista needs to improve its product variety, while Café Coffee Day needs to improve its packaging and presentation. People / 5 People are often called the most important part of a service sector organization. In the case of cafés, the people actually working at the café who directly interact with the customer influence the customer's perception of the café and the service they provide. [...]

[...] Café Coffee Day sells various young and trendy merchandise through its stores: Merchandise Caps T-Shirts Bags Mugs Coffee Filters Coffee Powders Coffee Mints Pens Process: The order process at Café Coffee Day is based on self service, where the customer goes to the counter to place his order. Whereas they have a flexible delivery process, where they wait for some time for the customer to pick up the order but if the customer takes too long then the order is delivered on his table. [...]

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