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How is advertising depicted based on culture?

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  1. Literature review
  2. The adverts and countries chosen to represent Coca Cola's brand promotion
  3. Different advertisings from various countries
    1. France
    2. Europe
    3. China
    4. Tunisia
    5. Mexico

Never has there been a subject that has aroused as much discussion as that the adaptation of media within different countries and according to culture. Ettinger and Perfetto (2008 p.25), educational directors, have defined culture like a "behavior pattern and value shared by a group of people [which] influence people's way of life within a social group; that is, behavior, etiquette, and protocol". Culture is a major tool in the human behavioral development. W. Lustig and Koester Jolene (2010, p.25) have also added that "culture exists in the minds of people, [and] not just in external or tangible objects or behaviors". Hence, neglect cultural differences in business world can potentially lead to some noticeable troubles.

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