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Product Placement: “Casino Royale”

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  1. Introduction
  2. The movie
    1. Produced by Sony Pictures
    2. The Original Soundtrack issued by the Sony BMG Music label
  3. The main character's cellular phone
  4. Ford Motors and the cars in the movie
  5. Other products placed in the movie
    1. The deal made by the German artist Gunther von Hagens
    2. The deal with Heineken
  6. Conclusion

In this latest Bond movie, the British Mi6 agent is assigned the mission to thwart international terrorism financed by money won through gambling. In order to do this, he needs to track down the financier ?Le Chiffre?. Bond movies are classically known for the significant amount of product placement that can be found in them. Well, concerning the latest movie, Casino Royale, starring Daniel Craig, Bond fans will not be deceived ? although one could say this particular movie goes surprisingly light on extraordinary gadgets. But there is nothing to worry about: some brands and corporations still got enough ?bang for their bucks?.

[...] Speaking of computers, there is another product placement worth mentioning: one for the search engine Google. Only this time it is Bond's superior, who tries to locate her secret agent at the Miami airport by the means of Google. Other gadgets include the main character's cellular phone - no need to mention it is a SONY Ericsson and the one used by the Bond-Girl (Eva Green starring as is an Ericsson as well. This gadget is also repeatedly shown during the movie: during a romantic dinner between Bond and Vesper, she receives a text message, to which she replies by holding the phone in a quite ostentatious position. [...]

[...] During a chase scene which was especially designed for the company, we follow Bond from behind his car, the Ford logo appearing right in our field of vision. Concerning Range Rover and Jaguar, we can see plenty of them at the ?Ocean Club? James attends at the Bahamas. When first arriving at the club, a rich client mistakes Bond for a valet, tossing him his car keys. Irritated by this confusion, Bond uses the opportunity to make all the car alarms go off when driving into the parking lot rather recklessly, and crashing into one of the Range Rovers. [...]

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