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A look at the marketing mix for the proposed plan of building a hotel

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  1. Introduction
  2. Location and place
  3. Product
  4. Price
  5. Promotional activity
  6. Marketing tips for the hotel
  7. Introduction to finance
    1. Determining the financial viability
  8. Financial feasibility
    1. Objective
    2. Introduction to the financial aspects
    3. Scope of finance
  9. Finance function
    1. Break
    2. Pay pack
    3. Assets
    4. Cash
    5. Estimating capital requirement of a new hotel
  10. Term analyzed
    1. Fund flow statement
    2. Working capital
  11. Break even analysis
    1. Land and building
    2. Plant and machinery
    3. Furniture and fixture
    4. Miscellaneous
  12. Evaluation of a proposed investment
    1. Profitability
    2. Return on investment
    3. Cash flow
  13. Conclusion

There are a lot of things that needs to be looked into when one proposes to start a hotel. There is the financial aspect where one needs to calculate and decide how much the venture will cost and what the best prices are in order to quote for the services rendered. There is also the decision regarding the size of the intended work force and the remuneration that will be offered to them in lieu of their services and then there is the marketing mix which basically investigates the ways in which people can be made to feel the presence of the hotel. This document is a look at just the marketing mix for a proposed hotel. The proposed hotel should be located in an area such that the traveling time to an airport or to a railway station should be as low as possible. The intended location will need to be within approximately 20 minutes of both.

[...] These problems include the financial aspects of the promoters of new enterprises and their administrators during early development, the accounting problems connected with the distribution of capital and the financial adjustment required for the bolstering up or rehabilitation of a corporation which has come into financial difficulties. Scope of finance- The scope of financial management is to arrange sufficient finance for meeting short term & long term needs Estimating financial requirements: The first task of a financial manager is to estimate short term and long-term financial requirements of his business Deciding capital structure: The capital structure refers to the kind of properties of different securities for acquiring funds Selecting a source of finance: After preparing a capital structure, an appropriate source of finance is selected. [...]

[...] EVALUATION OF A PROPOSED INVESTMENT: The three criteria for the evaluation of the proposed investments in business are profitability, return on investment and cash flow. Profitability: The profitability will be greater than one only when the net present value is possible. Return on Investment: The main purpose of investing our savings is not just to protect our capital but to earn a reasonable return as well. Cash Flow A cash flow statement can be defined as a statement which summarizes the sources of cash inflow and uses of cash out flow during a particular period of time. [...]

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