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A study of brand personality of Saffola cooking oil and feasibility of Saurav Ganguly as brand ambassador

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  1. Executive summary
  2. Problem statement
  3. Research objectives
  4. Background
  5. Evolution
  6. Sampling plan
  7. Research design
  8. Primary data collection and analysis
  9. Conclusions
  10. Recommendations
  11. Llimitations
  12. Bibliography

In today's fast life people hardly have time to sit down at ease and have a hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner leading to various diseases. Heart disease is one of the most dreaded diseases due to improper diet habit. Fortunately people in India especially the urban class consumers have started realizing this fact and have become very careful in what they intake including the cooking oil. This project is about one such brand called Saffola which is claimed to be Heart Friendly oil and prevent heart disease.
Saffola is a thirty five-year-old brand. The project has two phases. First phase is about studying the consumer perception of the brand Saffola. Second phase is about finding out whether Saurav Ganguly would be the right person to endorse the brand Saffola.

[...] The brand was repositioned as 'Heart of a Healthy Family' and extended to a value added edible oil and Salt. A Web site on health, was launched in 2002 to guide Heartcarers as well as proactive health seekers on various aspects of Dietary Health. It also provides a free personalized diet plan service, which anyone can use to get a diet as per his or her individual health requirements. Saffola consumers: Saffola's target audience comprises health-conscious consumers. Contributor's to Saffola's success: The key to Saffola's growth has been its impactful advertising and the innovative marketing techniques, helping consumers experience a full health care service, not just a product. [...]

[...] The respondents were asked questions regarding the personality of Saurav Ganguly and an attempt have been done to establish a link between Saffola and Saurav Ganguly. Saurav Ganguly's personality: The respondents feel that Saurav Ganguly is well known for his arrogance. Indian triumph over Pakistan recently for the Samsung Cup under the captainship of Saurav Ganguly has not changed people's perception about him. Saurav is still considered to be an arrogant person i.e arrogant towards his approach towards cricket and other things in life. [...]

[...] Saffola has a personality of a person who is very health conscious, serious about things he does i.e no-nonsense attitude, caring, reliable and someone who could be trusted upon. The housewives are the ones who decide which brand of cooking oil has to be bought. On an overall basis Saurav's personality is considered to be a mix of Arrogance, Straight Forwardness and Reliable. Chart 6 can be referred for details. People feel that the claims made by Saurav are fairly credible. [...]

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