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A study on internet marketing

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  1. Introduction
  2. Banner ads
    1. Skyscraper vertical banner
    2. Super banner
    3. Floating ads
  3. Interstitials
  4. Surround session
  5. Pop under ad
  6. Pop up ad
  7. Sponsorships
  8. Text ads, no frills
  9. Conclusion

The Internet is one of the most important media for advertising. It not only complements your other forms of advertising, but also reaches a unique, distinctive class of audience.

For advertisers especially, the Web has enormous potential, mainly because of its vast size and global reach. Today marketers and advertisers are wondering just how they can use the Web to have the greatest impact on consumers. Advertising on the Web is effective because it offers an extensive amount of information and is interactive. Consumers can control the type of volume of information they get, in real time and with minimal effort. The Web has excellent potential to target common-interest groups nationally or across the world. Online advertising is growing in popularity for many businesses to promote their products and services on the internet. With more and more of the world's population looking to the internet for news and information, it is no wonder that businesses are increasingly led to advertise online. It is cost effective and allows businesses a way to give more information to potential customers than most traditional forms of broadcast and publications.

[...] The advertiser delivers an experience to the audience, rather than just clicking on a picture. During a "surround session" the goal is that the advertiser controls every major ad position for a set number of pages. This allows the advertiser a more prolonged relationship with the user, while also telling a story, similar to television. The key benefit for advertisers is the ability to maintain an exclusive relationship with your online audience for extended period of time. That means the web becomes an effective environment for creative people to tell a story about their client's product or service. [...]

[...] Sponsorships: This is where you pay for ad space on a web site. Sponsorship advertising allows businesses to place a high-profile advertisement on specific Record Online pages that are outstanding positions because of their high traffic or targeted demographics or both. Sponsorship ad is fixed and does not compete with other advertising on the page. Sponsorship ads are priced by flat monthly fees. Prices vary from sponsorship to sponsorship. Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to develop a relationship with specific segments of the Bio Portfolio audience. [...]

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