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Advertising alcoholic beverages

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  1. Introduction
  2. Kinds of advertising
  3. Billboards
  4. Broadcast and print media
  5. Advertising targets
  6. Effect of alcohol advertising on kids
  7. Effect of alcohol advertising on college students
  8. Types of alcohol
  9. Influence of advertising on individual
  10. Advertising expenditure
  11. Summary
  12. References

Advertising plays a significant role in our everyday life. We find them everywhere. These days we find advertising of alcoholic beverages frequently. We find them regularly when we switch on the television, radio and internet. They are also found on the large hoardings on top of the buildings, on buses, trains, restaurants etc. Companies that produce alcoholic beverages also produce concerts, festivals, competitions, sponsors athletes and race cars. These advertising and promotional activities of alcoholic beverages increased underage drinking and drinking related problems among individuals and the society. The economic cost of dealing with the alcoholic abuse has increased globally. The alcohol advertising especially attracts the younger people. Alcohol is the major factor in four leading causes of death (Motorcycle accidents, suicides, unintentional injuries, homicide). In spite of these factors, the impact of advertising of alcohol is growing rapidly among youth. (Alcohol advertising: Its impact on communities)

[...] No matter what place we visit, what kind of event, what restaurant we visit alcohol advertising is where ever we go. Alcohol companies sponsor all kinds of fairs, concerts, festivals, museum exhibits, tours and more: local, national and international events and sports. Sports like racing, football, baseball, hockey, and cricket, all of them are the favorites of young teenage boys and girls. They attract these people by depicting ads very frequently in the middle of the games. Thus they increase their sales. [...]

[...] Advertising may also create greater rivalry among the firms by giving more information on products, thus bringing more firms into competition .Finally ,the ability to advertise new products and services reduces the gap between the firms and consumers ,thus providing more information about the new products or new applications of existing products, From the customers view, advertising plays a dominant role in personality creation which is obvious in the consumer behavior theories which talk about customer emulating brand personalities. Perhaps, the best known way of personality creation is by means of celebrity endorsers, pop stars, public heroes, sports stars, movie stars are hired to promote a brand. [...]

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