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Advertising – An overview

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  1. Introduction
  2. Meaning of introduction
  3. Origin and growth of advertising
  4. Kinds of advertising
    1. On the basis of area
    2. On the basis of functions
    3. On the basis of advertising
  5. Active participants in advertising
  6. Role of advertising
  7. The advertising framework
  8. Role of advertising in marketing mix
  9. General roles of advertising
  10. The role of advertising on the internet
  11. Waste in advertising
    1. Causes of waste in advertising
  12. Ethics in advertising
  13. Advertising agency
    1. Evolution of advertising agency
    2. Considerations in the choice of an advertising agency
    3. Advertising agency and its working
    4. Types of advertising agencies
  14. Data analysis and interpretation
  15. Conclusion
  16. Bibliography

Advertising is one of the largest generators of revenue in the world economy. Yet it remains enigmatic to a large section of people. It is akin to dream selling for some. For others it is a sheer waste of money. Whatever the perception, advertising in India as anywhere else continues to mesmerize millions of people, cutting across age, gender and social and economic disparities. The analysis of advertising is an integral part of Media Studies. Advertising manifests itself in all known media forms, and is constantly seeking new media, new channels of communication. Through looking at advertising we can learn not only how the most simple narratives are constructed (a print ad is simpler than a magazine article, a TVC is simpler than a feature film, although they use the same narrative techniques), but how ideas can be communicated at great speed, through the use of single images and words. The word advertising originates from Latin word advertise, which means to turn to. The dictionary meaning of the term is ?to give public notice or to give publicity?. Advertising may be defined as the process of buying sponsor-identified media space or time in order to promote a product or an idea. It is perhaps the most visible of all the elements in the promotion mix and is therefore subject to much criticism from consumer groups. It is also subjected to government regulation.

[...] As and when new brands are launched, advertising plays an important role of informing, educating and persuading the customers to buy the product Advertising and Packaging: The main purpose of packaging is protection of the product during transit, and preservation of quality and quantity. Now a marketers take lot of efforts to develop and design attractive packages as they carry advertising value. A creatively design package attract the attention of the customers. It also carries an assurance of quality and creates confidence in the minds of customers to buy the product Advertising and Positioning: Product positioning aims at creating and maintaining a distinct image of the brands in the minds of the customers. [...]

[...] Clients market share, brands and their equity Competitive brands and their value Marketing objectives Advertising objectives An idea of budget meant for advertising The role of Advertising Agency in marketing efforts of a firm can be compared to that of a doctor who treats a patient and must be told everything necessary for his treatment and cure and same type of confidentiality is expected from the agency. The Account Executive works as a close link between the agency and its client. [...]

[...] Some advertisers may make use of a number of media, whereas, others may use only the local media such as newspapers, outdoor advertising Adverting Agencies: The advertising agency is an independent business organization, composed of creative people who plan, prepare and place advertising media for sellers seeking to find customers for their goods and services. The advertising agencies earn a commission of 15 percent of the media bill. They charge out-of-pocket expenses to their clients, i.e., the advertisers. There are agencies that provide a complete package of services advertising and other marketing services and there are others who provide only specialized advertising services. [...]

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