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Advertising campaign for the launch of Prius Toyota

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This document aims to establish a communications campaign for a company to publicize its product, improve customer loyalty and to reinforce the image of the brand. The subject of our communication package is the launch of the new Toyota Prius in Europe. This car is already a major success in the U.S. and has been selected as the Car of the Year 2004 in Europe.

To conduct this campaign, we got the chance to unleash our creativity, but we had a budget limit which must not be exceeded. This amount was 1 million. We noted the increasingly growing market for hybrid vehicles, (vehicles powered by gasoline and electricity) worldwide.

There are a lot of companies that invest in this industry given the eco-friendly measures that are increasingly being adopted by businesses and individuals across the globe. However, growth in the hybrid car market is not the same in Europe (5800 registrations in 2004) and America (65,000 registrations in 2004).

It is an indisputable fact that the hybrid vehicle market has developed, with consumers becoming more concerned about environmental issues. Direct consequence of this change in the automotive industry: Different groups are getting down to developing a model to meet the new expectations of consumers.

Indeed, the price of gasoline varies from day to day, and today's buyers are turning to new sources of energy including electricity. As this does not meet expectations when used as a single resource, manufacturers had the original idea of combining the gasoline engine with that of an apparatus powered by electricity, thereby reducing the need for oil.

Although the vehicles are more expensive, (at least €22,000) they consume less gasoline, and is undoubtedly a sign of forward thinking that we reserve for the future. Now the use of sedans and compact 4x4 has declined and given way to the hybrid. It is therefore a major innovation for the automotive sector, and sales forecasts are optimistic for the coming years.

They evoke the figure of 20,000 sales for Europe in 2005 by Toyota, a leader in this area, including 4,000 in France and up to 500,000 sales in the U.S. market in 2008.

Toyota, following the success of its Prius I (600 sales in France in 2004, representing a milestone for this type of vehicle) and its recent victory in being conferred the title of "European Car of the Year 2005" for the Prius II, will now have to ensure its leading position in the European market and more specifically on the French market. However, the task is difficult owing to the emergence of numerous competitors.

Honda is offering two new models: the two-seater coupe Insight (3.4 litres/100 km in town, a top speed of 180 km / h) and the Civic Hybrid (4.9 litres/100km city). Both models are positioned as the main competitors of the Prius at equivalent prices (around € 22 000).

But Honda and Toyota are not the only ones on the market: many brands have been trying to enhance its stable with hybrid cars. Through its new 4x4 Ford Escape, Nissan(which for now focuses on the U.S. market) is all set to make a mark in the European market.

Tags: hybrid technology, Toyota Prius, Eco-friendly perspective of hybrid cars

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