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Advertising & Communication: Launch of a new Recycling center-‘Happy Center, the Real One’

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  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. The service and its function
    1. The recycling center
    2. Functions
    3. SWOT analysis
    4. Objectives
  4. How to reach the target
    1. Target audience
    2. Drivers
  5. The message
    1. The marketing communication mix
    2. The specific Medias to use
    3. Marketing communication mix: out of Media
  6. Final advertising campaign
    1. Strategies
    2. 1st Print Ad: (Nonprofit organization target)
    3. 2nd Print Ad: (direct customers)
  7. Evaluation & Control
  8. Conclusion

This document presents the development of a new service, a new recycling center called ?Happy Center? based in California, a hotspot for environmental issues. This company, which specializes in the recycling of electronic equipment such as mobile phones and computers, collaborates with special nonprofit organizations such as Wildcoast and Oceana.
We have developed in different steps a strategy to set up an advertising campaign to promote the recycling center. Initially, we saw the different opportunities and threats involved in such a new service with the help of a SWOT analysis.After having determined the main objectives of the service launched, we determined the main targets of our service in order to develop the advertising campaign via our advertising and communication department. Through a Marketing Mix analysis, we have seen how the service will reach the target in terms of the media and non-media. We conclude this topic by fixing a budget with a proposition of an advertising campaign for our recycling center ?Happy Center?.

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