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Advertising & Communication - New Guitar brand/products

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  1. Introduction
  2. Define 'Dreamcatcher Guitars'
    1. Name of the brand
    2. Function
    3. Concept
  3. Reaching the audience
    1. Who is the target ?
    2. What drivers do they respond to ?
  4. Delivering the message
    1. Marketing Mix
    2. Choosing Medias
    3. Identification through Icons
    4. Goodies
  5. Regulatory issues
    1. Protection
    2. Legal right for use of Public faces
  6. Final Campaign
    1. Product Differentiation
    2. Getting popular: Use famous musicians
    3. Short Movies
    4. Radio & Billboards

The brand has been created to answer a personal passion. The identity of the brand and the products come directly from a vision I have of musical experience and living. In this vision, guitars are linked to Rock n Roll and Blues, but also many spiritual concepts. Among these concepts, lies a deep fascination for Native American cultures. The Dreamcatcher is tightly linked to the spiritual beliefs of Native Americans. It is a talisman that is created to protect people from bad spirits and dreams that come back to haunt you. This is supposed to bring happiness and serenity. The products are named after important elements of life, which can be related to the Earth, Spirituality, popular (or paean) Beliefs, but also a few Rock n roll clichés. The function is of course to be able to play the guitar using electrical power and a sound amplifier. The models are exclusively electric guitars, as the brand values energy and strength.

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