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An overview of industrial marketing

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  1. Introduction
  2. Exchange transaction
  3. The industrial marketing concept
  4. Participants of industrial marketing
  5. Channels of industrial marketing
  6. The relationships
  7. The industrial customer
  8. The core variables
  9. Quality
  10. Price
  11. Savings
  12. Assurance of supply

Industrial marketing consists of all activities involved in the marketing of products & services to organizations, (i.e. commercial enterprises, profit & not for profit government agencies & resellers) that use products and services in the production of consumer or industrial goods & services & to facilitate the operation of their ?enterprises?. Viewed from the perspective of ?marketing?, industrial marketing is, then, human activity directed towards satisfying wants & needs of organizations through the exchange process.

The marketing concept holds, that the key task of the organization is to define the needs of a target market and adapt the organization's product or service to satisfy those needs more effectively than its competitors. While the nature of the market differs, the marketing concept is applicable & important in both industrial & consumer markets.

[...] This takes into consideration a variety of factors such as the amount of scrap resulting from the use of a material, loss or damage liability, the amount of work a machine will do etc. Savings Aside from the best combination of quality, service & price the industrial customer is also motivated to realize savings in the use of materials and equipments or in the methods by which they are procured. This motivation is especially pronounced in periods of accelerating cost. Assurance of Supply Assurance of supply is vital to the poor chasing officer. If the supply flow of an item is interrupted, probable resulting shortages [...]

[...] Although advertising agencies, consulting firms, transportation companies and financial institution participate in the industrial marketing system on the demand side, they also make a unique contribution to the movement of goods between buyers and sellers and to the transaction which produce this movement. Channels of industrial marketing The participants in the industrial marketing system are linked by both direct and indirect channels. The direct channel is traditionally defined as one in which the producers control the distribution of his products from factory to user or OEM customer. [...]

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