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Apple’s i-Pod, new marketing strategy in Korea

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  1. Introduction
  2. Development
  3. Market analysis
    1. The product
    2. U.S. market
    3. Korean market
  4. Consumer analysis
    1. U.S. market
    2. Korean market
  5. Suggestions
    1. Advertising strategy
    2. Attitude change
    3. Post-purchase strategy
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

Apple's iPod is the hottest, most innovative and sought-after MP3 player in the world. In Europe, iPod takes 80% in MP3 player market, and it is the most powerful item for Europeans. Same situation is happening in north-America. For almost all of American, when they think of MP3 player, they definitely choose Apple's iPod. iPod provides a lot of customers with brand loyalty by constructing strong relationship with them.

However, it is different in Korean market compared to Europe and America. In South Korea, iPod accounts for only 7% in sales charts, according to a recent report by market analyst GfK AG. iPod ranked 13th in this market. Reigncom, better known as iRiver, was ranked first with 30.8% in the market.(Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. with 14.4 percent, and Cowon, known as iAudio with 11.8 percent.)

The reason why we chose this topic is that we thought it would be an interesting challenge to find a proper marketing strategy. And it would be a good way to apply what we learned in the class. Nowadays, iPod is getting trendier to Korean young consumers, and also in the world, and it could be appropriate to apply a stronger marketing strategy.
It is obvious that the iPod product is less successful in Korea than in the USA, then we will analyze the marketing strategies of Apple in both countries.

[...] And see if there is a possibility for Apple to change its marketing strategy to face concurrency in the future. By using the theories learned in the book we will try to elaborate a new strategy for the Apple iPod product which fits the Korean market or to orientate the current Apple's strategy in order to increase its sales. II. Development 1. Market analysis a. The product Components of iPod (iPod package contents) iPod consists of three things, hardware, software and services. [...]

[...] In Korea (compared to Japan in Asian countries) people don't have a crush for Apple. Even if in Korea there are a lot of video games' core-gamers, they prefer to use personal computers for their versatility and compatibility with the new programs and video games (because many game editors don't see the point to convert programs to Mac). Moreover the advertisement of Apple is less important and many people are not aware of the brand (compared to Samsung or iriver for example). [...]

[...] We can see that the iPod can be effective as a Hedonic product in Korea especially to the young consumers. So it has to be advertised and purchased as well. The problem is that because of lack of advertisement, people might evaluate the product as utilitarian, because of the weak commitment to the product's imagery and symbols Suggestions It appears that advertising the Apple iPod as an hedonic product is the best choice. So we will continue by following this guideline. [...]

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