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Buzz and viral marketing

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  1. Introduction
  2. Definition
    1. Viral Marketing
    2. Buzz
    3. The linkage between buzz and viral marketing
  3. Operation of viral marketing and buzz
    1. The principles of viral marketing
    2. The buzz: application of viral marketing
    3. Interest and limits of buzz and viral marketing
  4. Conclusion

Marketing is a science of analyzing the market and the organization to act respectively on the actors and members of the structure. This science includes implementing a set of techniques for building and managing information. Marketing is a concept which has undergone a series of changes thus giving rise to the development of a full-fledged marketing literature. These changes are explained by changes in supply and demand and the supply of new information technologies and communication.

[...] Examples Here is a list of examples of viral marketing and buzz: The Blair Witch Project where producers have made a buzz leaving some doubt of the documentary (reality) more than a film (drama). This reached a maximum number of people to create an important impact on a minimum budget. This experience is repeated with the film Paranormal Activity following the same procedure as the Blair Witch Project. The site created by French rugby footballer Sebastian Chabal dueling was created by Orange to promote his video where we see a video of him preparing to take a penalty and requests for assistance by telephone. [...]

[...] It is evident from the above examples about the use of buzz and viral marketing in the film industry, telephony and sports field as these concepts are used in a variety of the business areas. Their applications can meet the needs of different types of businesses in terms of time, budget and efficiency. Interest and limits of buzz and viral marketing Interests Limitations Low cost contact - Democratization of the concept Strong impact and display quality - Misuse of the message Low Budget - Abuse of paid campaigns Satisfaction of internal employees - Success is excessive Success for young people - The legal and ethical issues Reputation given by users Lack of control To implement a viral marketing strategy through a buzz and leveraging these advantages and limitations, companies must protect their message to avoid misuse even if it is not entirely possible. [...]

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