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Cause marketing: Trend or basic notion of marketing?

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  1. Summary
  2. Definition and history
    1. Definition
    2. History
  3. Conditions and criteria
  4. Cause marketing: A branch of traditionnal marketing
  5. Cause marketing: Company's choice
  6. Case Study: 'Save Lids to Save Lives', Yoplait and Breast Cancer Foundation
    1. The case
    2. The analysis
  7. Critics
  8. Risks
  9. Conclusion
  10. Sources

?1 liter bought, 10 liters extracted in Niger with UNICEF?; for four months we could see this inscription on the Volvic water bottles (to February 15th until June 15th 2007). Since few years we can see this type of shares progressively growing. In the aim to understand this phenomenon, I am to answer many questions, they are :

What does cause marketing means? Where does it come from?

What are the conditions for making cause marketing and how can we recognize it?

Is it a part of marketing or is it a trend marketing notion?

Cause marketing or cause - related marketing (CRM) really makes sense in USA and English countries. Indeed the company that is the first to have used this expression is American Express. It means a type of marketing that creates a link between an organization which makes profit and a non-profit one. The aim of this union is to make benefits to both.

[...] org) The aim of this study case is to show that cause - related marketing uses the same tools than basic marketing in its form. The process I am to apply for this analysis is 1st, the introduction of the company Yoplait (its products, its segment, its reputation, its targets, etc.) and then the foundation of Breast Cancer (its action, its organization, its reputation, etc.). In the second part, I am to make the link between these two organizations by a marketing analysis notably. [...]

[...] People have to save lids, wash them and mail them in before December The Analysis In a first time I am to make the analysis of the actors of this action of Cause Marketing by describing the most important points about them. In other words, what we need to know to understand their union. What is Yoplait? Products: Yoplait is at the second place in the World as brand in ultra-fresh products. Concerning the products, we can think by instance to Petits Filous, Câlins, Petit Yoplait, Yop Perle de Lait, etc. [...]

[...] The concrete problem is that human beings are sold; Does limit exists? Could we call this type of marketing ?prostitution?? This reflexion is as we can note on Website and in Mercator the same as for Marketing. Conclusion The question of this report was to know if cause - related marketing belonged to marketing or if it was just a trend. Thanks to the example of Yoplait and the analysis of Johanna L. Krotz, we can see that cause marketing is useful, not only for the association but also for [...]

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