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Coca-Cola: Marketing strategy

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  1. Introduction
  2. Products
  3. Market position
  4. The home market (U.S. market)
  5. The rest of the world
  6. Expansion strategies
  7. Standardization
    1. Customization for different target

Perceived as a symbol of a mode of consumption that was imposed on the entire planet, Coca-Cola is certainly the best known company in the world. Figures from the Atlanta firm speak for themselves. In the market for soft drinks Coca-Cola holds more than half of the world market, with more than one billion units sold everyday in over 200 countries. 80% of Coca-cola's earnings are from markets other than its home market, although 30% of sales are still made in the U.S. (against 25% in Latin America and 20% in Europe and Middle East).

[...] On the other hand, the firm appears to have adopted a strategy of differentiation through branding. As we have already the distinctive red mark makes all the difference to consumers and prevents competitors from catching up. The brand has become so widespread that it is now a common house-hold name. Regardless of where one is, the name Coca-Cola is universally recognized. Prices Coca Cola sells its bottles and cans at different prices in different countries, taking care to be sensitive to the developmental level of the country, and the prices charged by its direct competitors in these markets. [...]

[...] Coca-Cola has invested over 1.1 billion dollars in this country and plans to invest another 150 million dollars in the next two or three years. Expansion strategies Coca-Cola has adopted an aggressive expansion strategy. With its almost global presence in more than 200 countries it has achieved a turnover of $ 21,044,000 for the year 2005 which no other brand has been able to match. The company is the clear market leader for soft drinks. The company has also adopted external growth strategy and Coca-Cola is growing by acquiring other companies. [...]

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