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Communication plan for the rock group 'Bicycle'

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The Bicycle group (Velo) is a French rock group composed of 3 members: Brice (guitar and vocals), Tahar (low, synth) and Nicolas (battery). The style of the group is defined as Rock 'n' roll, Noisy', and positioned far from the current French Rock 'n' roll, innovating on the sounds of the melodies. The Bicycle group was formed in February 2002.

Currently, the trio is busy putting the final touches on their latest album, by which they hope to create a sensation in the French rock music circles and win the adulation of the music loving public. In order to stand out from the numerous rock bands dotting the contemporary French landscape, the band will have to plan out an effective communication strategy, partly as they intend to shift its musical universe towards the younger generation.

Objectives: - to create an image of the group as that which facilitates the development of its communication with the public that appreciates the musical universe different from the ?traditional' Rock'n'roll;
- promote the band via its album and concerts to adhere to the public.

The previous album cover of the Bicycle group can be considered a major strategic point regarding the communication of the group. This jacket is made of Kraft paper, which is made from wood pulp that has a high content of cellulose fibers. Our research has demonstrated this rock band is particularly concerned about the protection of nature. This idea of recycled paper in their album covers can be reused in future projects. This simple jacket has the group name "Velo" in bold letters with straight lines.

As mentioned earlier kraft paper used for the material of the jacket is intended to remind the customer of recycled paper. However after contacting people we learned that the manufacture of recycled paper pollutes more than the manufacture of plain paper. Therefore, the use of this material in graphics will not be very wise.

In addition, the yellow plain background is not too different from the colors employed in the album covers of other groups. We know from the survey realized that the jacket is an important point for potential buyers. Indeed, the jacket is a vital support for the discovery of a new band, it should be different from the others to stand out and attract attention.

Featuring an electric version of Rock music with improvisations of the traditional melodic compositions, the band's music is revolutionary. Their dramatic and powerful music takes one through through musical landscapes that seem familiar while remaining outside the box.

The show business is nothing new for the members of this revolutionary rock band. They participated in the first stage of CQMD in April 2005, even the "Mondo bizarro" concert in Rennes in April 2004.
Brice was formerly a guitarist in the band "The Howler" directed by fellow Theo Hakola. Tahar has collaborated with-Francois Pauvros and gives music lessons. Nicolas was a member of the Carmine Cape based group - Fear/Heal.

Youngsters are bound to identify with the group and their ways of thinking in the sense that all three musicians have strong original and complementary personalities. This unique mix is interesting and can be felt in the music they churn out.

Tags: Communication strategy of the ?Bicycle' rock band, French rock ?n' roll music scenario

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