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Comparing two advertisements: “Got milk?”

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  1. Introduction
  2. The projected images by comparing and contrasting the 2 different advertisements and brand themselves
    1. Advertisement 1: Issue of teen people magazine
    2. Advertisement 2: Issue of ladies home journal
    3. Comparison of both ads
  3. The techniques employed by the marketer project the images
  4. Positioning strategy of brands with reference to attitude changes in market using relevant models of consumer behaviour
  5. Conclusion

The first advertisement that I have chosen was found in an issue of teen people magazine. This magazine is geared toward teenagers and young adults, around the age of 13-20. The advertisement itself depicts a famous young singer, Fefe Dobson, jumping with a microphone. The background is simple, because all of the attention is on her. She is jumping into the air and has a look of rebellion on her face. She is dressed in very young, individualistic, ?rock star? attire. It was only a one page spread, but which really got your attention, because she almost seems to jump out of the white background.

There is a small paragraph that is written between her and the microphone. It says, ?Cool? in bold letters. Then it goes on to say how she loves her friends, her music, dancing, and rocking out. She says that milk helps her to do this. At the end of the paragraph, it states the catch in big, bold letters: ?got milk?.

[...] In each ad, the marketers are definitely trying to focus on consumer's self image, but use different techniques to do so. In the first ad, they are using this particular person in this particular position to appeal to a particular crowd. This ad focuses on the ideal self-image, and represents the way some consumers would like to see themselves. The second ad is completely different. Geared towards an older generation, the advertisement focuses on the health benefits of milk. This ad, like the first, focuses on the ideal self-image. [...]

[...] slogan is followed by three paragraphs of text at the bottom of the page. It ends with the same, logo at the end of the text. Ad 1 and Ad 2 Although both of these advertisements are from the same company, and about the same product, each ad is completely different regarding mood, and target audience. The mood represented in the Fefe Dobson ad is very high, upbeat and young. Fefe is a rock star, and many young people want to grow up to be like her. [...]

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