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Competitive environment analysis: H&M

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  1. Introduction
  2. Presentation of the brand
  3. Environment
    1. PESTEL analysis
    2. Porter's Five Forces analysis
    3. The threat of substitutes
  4. The power of suppliers
  5. The power of buyers
  6. Strategic options
    1. Generic strategy
    2. Value chain
    3. Competitive advantages
    4. CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility
    5. Clothing manufacturer strategic groups
  7. SWOT
  8. Conclusion
  9. Sources

We chose to write our report about H&M for many different reasons. First of all, even if we focus on the French market, the fact that H&M is a global brand, operating from nearly everywhere in the world, both made us sure that we would have to analyze a very strong and efficient strategy, and to face some difficulties, deeply linked with the industry (such as problems of relocations or competition from Chinese textile) that would help us understand a strategy better.

Besides fashion is an unavoidable factor of our daily life. It always seemed interesting to analyze what stands behind the doors of a store in which we shop.

H&M is a Sweden based company. It was funded in 1947 by two Swede Hennes and Mauritz, which gave the brand their name. The firm designs, produces and retails clothing items and accessories (including cosmetic products). Its range of product includes clothing (innerwear and sportswear) for men, women and children.

Presently, H&M operates in 28 countries. Its largest/major markets are in Germany, Sweden and the UK. The company also allows its customers to buy on the Internet through their online shop (not available in all countries.)

H&M reflects international trends through different concepts and ranges of clothes that cover different ?style? with above all classics, basics and a line depending on international trends.

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