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Consumer empowerment

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Concept of consumer empowerment.
    1. More than an customer King.
    2. The Hawthorne effect.
  3. Factors influencing the growth of consumer empowerment.
    1. Impact of technological development.
    2. Global economy.
    3. Shift in consumption.
  4. Effects of empowerment on consumer behaviour.
    1. Impact on the consumer decision model.
    2. More than the authority of the consumer, an interaction between marketers and consumers.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Appendices.
  7. References.

With the growing industry of ethics consumption and environmental friendly products, the marketing industry has radically changed its traditional system of approaching their consumers. Indeed their marketing strategies are much more customer driven as the ?authority of consumer? plays nowadays a major role in our post modern society. In fact, the role of the consumer has been profoundly modified over the last years shifting from isolated to connected, from unaware to informed, from passive to active. Thus firms have to consider this new alleged authority from the consumer described as ?consumer empowerment?, and thereby to adapt their strategy accordingly. But what do we understand exactly by the concept of customer empowerment and how can we explain this new emerging shift in the consumer behaviour? Finally what are the effects of this consumer empowerment both on the marketing strategies followed by the firms and on the decision-making of the consumers?

[...] As a result consumer empowerment is a sign of this change in our post-modern society where consumers could seek for more subjective consumption based on hedonic target or on risk avoidance. However this concept of consumer empowerment reveals to be more a theoretical scheme for explaining how other factors interact together. As a matter of fact, consumer empowerment is heavily interdependent with other factors such as the impact of our digital economy, the globalisation and the changing pattern of traditional relationship. [...]

[...] As a matter of fact, before this radical change we would rather name a spectator for the culture activity, students for the education arena From now on, we are all consumers no matter activity it concerns and this contributes to the reinforcement of the changing pattern between consumers and business. Effects of empowerment on consumer behaviour 6. Impact on the consumer decision model The consumer empowerment concept modifies the traditional consumer decision process model on four stages: the need of recognition, the search for evaluation and evaluation of alternatives, purchase and at last on post- consumption evaluation. [...]

[...] In sum, the conditions of a free market involving a hyper competition are the framework of the consumer empowerment giving an authority of the consumer over the producer Shift in consumption The last factor concerns the shift in the way of consumption as consumers now seek for a more sophisticated purchase. Indeed as the global economy in general has more or less enable to satisfy all the basic needs at a lower price, consumers are able to consume differently from their former generation. [...]

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