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Coursework assignment: Marketing plan

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  1. Description and analysis of company and industry.
    1. The Coca-Cola Corporation: an international firm.
    2. A strategic marketplace for a specific industry.
  2. The sparkling mineral water.
  3. Idea generation.
  4. Concept and concept test.
    1. A clear concept.
    2. Concept test.
  5. Product testing.
  6. Market testing.
  7. Market forecasting.
  8. Annual marketing plan
    1. Sparkling water.
    2. Try to follow the market trend.
    3. Two distribution channel.
    4. How to arouse the consumer interest?
  9. Some barriers to sparkling water success.
  10. Bibliography.

The Coca-Cola Corporation is the leader throughout the world in the soft-drinks market thanks to its international famous drink, the Coca-Cola. The company developed a range around the most unavoidable product (Diet Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Cherry Coca-Cola?). The international firm has a huge range of products. They cover almost all the market around drinks. Indeed, they are present in soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta), orange juice (Minute Maid), tea drinks (Nestea), energy drinks (Burn), sports drinks (PowerAde) and also in waters bottles market in some countries. For each product, Coca-Cola developed a specific range by extending basic products (Minute Maid Orange for example) in new aromas (Minute Maid Tropical). Therefore, the red company possesses a wide portfolio of activity. Besides, the company likes to bring out some products exclusively in one country in order to test the product and extend after the distribution channel about it to others areas in the world.

[...] Weaknesses: Several failures (e.g.Dasani); portfolio too important, too much brands to manage. Opportunities: Sparkling mineral water: a market segment not saturated; a segment market in constant rise. A market trend orientated towards stronger sparkling waters and more sensation. Threats: French competitors as Badoit; Coca Cola bring out again a new product in the French market; the consumer does not except that, is he ready? Consumption level in decrease The Sparkling Mineral Water The Coca-Cola Corporation should be bringing this product out, which is admittedly foreigner for them. [...]

[...] At last, marketing mistakes, if there is, such as the choice of the country, or the aspect refreshing of the bottles, could be destroy the project and entail to take the product from the shelf off. The reaction of the competitors could be eventually a source of barriers to Sparkling? success words. Bibliography Kahn Bok. (2001) ?Product planning essentials?, Sage Publications Inc, United States of America Kotler, P. (1988) ?Marketing Management, Marketing Analysis, Planning and Control?. Sixth Edition. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall International Robert Leduc How to launch a new product Web Referencess English version English version English version Appendix The Concept Test Firstly, the concept test will consist on showing an empty bottle of sparkling water to the consumer. [...]

[...] I would certainly repeat ( I think I would repeat ( I do not know whether I would repeat or not ( I do not think I would repeat ( I am sure I would not repeat ( No preference ( Appendix The Questionnaire The questionnaire used in the final stage, the market test, must take up the elements of the marketing mix. It must be short in order to not cause a waist of time to the customers concerning their shopping. [...]

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